We’re told to “always be positive” and “think positive” and have a “positive outlook on life”. You’ve heard this right? Well this is true, no doubt but if we only think positive we’re making a mistake. Shock horror and contradictory to what is going around at the moment right? Let me explain.
Well yes think positive but if we only think positive, we’re only paying attention to 5 out of the 6 parts that make up our thinking. Now if you’ve read my previous blogs or ever heard me speak, you’d have heard me say “Focus on what you want”. Now this is crucial to success! But thinking positive thoughts isn’t the only thing you need to do when focusing on what you want. You’re entire focus needs to be toward what you want. If we use money as an example, because it’s something that we all want, or need. If you think positively about money and you say to yourself “I want money, I’m going to make more money, yes this is what I will do!”, but in your head you have a picture of deprivation or hardship, or you say those affirmations to yourself but you have a feeling of fear or doubt, or you hear your mum saying “our family has never been able to make enough money”, then you’re not focusing on what you want. There are 6 things that make up our focus; pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes and self talk, which all together create your focus. So what are you focusing on when you’re aiming to get what you want?
Now thinking positively is definitely crucial but not on it’s own. Thinking positively is huge! We have neurotransmitters that bath every single cell in our body. These are the electrical signals that connect our mind to our entire body. Surprise, surprise, Mia talking about the mind-body connection.
What you hold in your mind, transfers to what you do with your body or your behaviours. Simple concepts; ’what you put in, you get out’ concept or ‘perception is projection’ that I mentioned in my last blog. SO create what you want in your mind, focus on it 100% with congruency in all 6 parts and… yup… get what you want in your life.
Now it gets tricky. As we grew up we were exposed to all sorts of our parents, our friends and other peoples limiting beliefs, which we have taken on to be true (because we’re kids and we’ll believe anything we’re told at a young age) which has now limited our capability for success. Whether we’re aware of the decision that was made consciously or not. Of course with their best intentions, our parents, our aunties, uncles, friends wanted to tell us how life really is, to be “realistic”, probably to protect us from having our expectations too high and then being disappointed. Along the way we may have been told we were dumb or fat or uncoordinated, we may have watched our family fight about money, we may have been told to stick to a conventional career pathway for stability or security, we may have heard our parents say how our family has depression, cancer, diabetes or some other disease that runs in the family… Probably one of the least preferable beliefs to adopt but none the less, it’s common.
All of these, perhaps hidden, beliefs or emotions, have given rise to these little tingly discomforts when we now try to focus on what we want. While we think positive, we may have these unconscious fears, and other negative emotions or limiting beliefs that hold us back from really going for what we want. Well if we didn’t then we would all have exactly what we want right?
Statistically we have around 90,000 thoughts per day. How many of those are toward what you want? Are you congruent with your beliefs that you can get what you want? Do the pictures you make in your mind, the sounds/words you hear, the feelings you feel, the tastes, smells, AND the self talk all represent the affirmation: YES, I AM GOING TO GET EXACTLY WHAT I WANT?! If you honestly believe you can do something, regardless of your age, your gender, your societal status, your background, life conditions, economy etc etc, then you’re much more empowered to do it and will be able to get what you want.
Where it all starts; what are you focusing on? It all starts in the unconscious mind. If you have any incongruences, write them down, ask yourself where they came from. When you’ve discovered the cause, ask: what can I learn from this event in order to completely disconnect from the belief and live how you want!