“It’s as if our immune system is constantly eavesdropping on our internal dialogue” – Deepak Chopra
Do you actually realise how powerful you are?
You know I don’t know if many people do. If they did, we would a lot more people living exactly how they wanted. A lot less sickness, disease, stress, anxiety, depression, and other physical ailments.
There is a wealth of medical research done on the how what believe becomes our biology. Dr. Robert Ader has shown that perceptions are metabolised into physiology. Neurotransmitters bathe every single cell in our body and when we have conflict in some area of our life – whether thats a stressful job, unhappy relationship, bad nutrition, or dis-regular sleep – essential energy is blocked to our body and we become much more at risk of physical ailments, disease and illnesses.
Hundreds of studies done to demonstrate this point; if we’re anxious about doing a presentation, an allergic skin reaction is more likely to flare up, if we’re having a stressful month, we’re more likely to come down with a cold. Anger is the main negative emotion associated with heart disease. And a whole bunch of other conditions that are influenced by stress.
Negative emotions are powerful… I choose to believe negative emotions and internal conflicts are the cause of all diseases, or accidents. Incredibly controversial, I know but proven to be true for hundreds of thousands of patients working with health professionals all around the world. And it makes sense, why wouldn’t you choose to believe you can make yourself better with your mind and lifestyle. Then the solution to all major problems is a case of getting rid of conflicts, stressors, eat well, sleep well, exercise, relax and all the simple things we sometimes neglect, which brought it up in the first place? Good bye to chronic pain, disease, and anxiety, just by looking after ourselves and taking charge of our lives.
As soon as you choose to believe that you are at cause for everything that happens to you, you’re driven to be proactive and take control of your health. Why wait until something goes wrong to do something about it?
Now negative emotions are actually great because they are signs that something is not right. They can allow us to refocus, and bring up certain things that we are missing, messages that our subconscious mind is trying to relay to us. When they first arise, acknowledge them, use them as a sign that something is not quite right, find out what it is and take action to get rid of it and move on with the life you want! Often when we don’t deal with them, they’re repressed and express themselves in more severe ways to get us to notice them, like illness.
Use the signals your body gives you to make the changes necessary to carry on living happily. If we think the only way to solve physical problems is drugs, then we’re completely disempowered and give up trying to do anything to help ourselves, and just wait until something goes wrong and go to someone to fix us. Take responsibility and have the power to change (or prevent) any situation.