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NLP Practitioner


4 in 1 Practitioner Training

1. NLP Practitioner
Learn the connection between the brain, body and behaviour AND how to change behaviour to produce results.

2. NLP Coach
Empower others to take charge of their lives, health & career. Help other identify and go after what they want

3. Time Line Therapy Practitioner
Learn how to overcome doubts, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and obstacles to success.

4. Hypnotist
Learn how to communicate directly with the unconscious mind, the part of us that stores memory and runs the body. The root source of our behaviours, thoughts and emotions.


New Zealand, Tauranga

1st-8th February, 2019
5th-12th April, 2019
22nd-28th June, 2019
21-27th February, 2020


Day’s 1-2: 10am-12pm [1hr lunch] 1-8pm
Day’s 3-7: 1pm-8pm

NLP Master Practitioner


4 in 1 Master Practitioner Training – 17 Days

Discover what motivates you, what constitutes your personal conscious and unconscious source of ethics and fulfilment.

Learn how to identify values which does not serve and support you.

Quickly identify anybody’s meta programs and values, and design responses that makes sense to them!

Influence others in the most profound way, by aligning with who they are.

Simple and easy to understand introduction to quantum thinking and personal change.

Learn advanced techniques in NLP, language patterns that turn resistance into instant rapport.


8th-24th November



NLP Introduction Seminar


Have you tried everything to get your health on track but nothing seems to stick?

Do you wish you were motivated to eat healthily and exercise?

Do you wish you had more energy to get through your day?

This weekend seminar is for you!

Spend the weekend focusing on you and your health!


New Zealand, Tauranga



What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is the science and art of creating excellent behaviours.

It is a fast growing industry, as people recognise that their life can change instantly once they learn how to maximise the brains potential.​

NLP is the most practical, success-driven method there is for recognising, understanding and taking control over our conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Learn how to reprogram the brain using language and other techniques, to create positive change – individually, in business and as a coach.

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