In a hypothetical world, if you were in control of everything that happened to you, would you take responsibility for your outcomes?
In my world,  this is exactly how I live. Taking control and total responsibility for everything that happens. Including the car accident when I was a teen, the anger I feel when my partner doesn’t listen to me. All of the external things that I used to blame when something I didn’t want to have happen, happened.
Acknowledging that everything that has happened in my life, is because I brought it there, consciously or unconsciously. The role our unconscious mind plays in everything we do and are is hugely under appreciated.
If something is undesirable, then it’s not because that event is actually “bad” but it’s because I’m choosing to perceive it to be “bad” that it turns out to be that way.
“There Is Nothing Either Good or Bad But Thinking Makes It So” – William Shakespeare
We may not be able to control the weather, or other people’s behaviour, BUT we can control how we let it effect us. There is good in every situation and learnings to take constantly. If we choose to take full responsibility for everything that happens in our lives and how we let it effect us, then we have complete control and we literally can CHOOSE how we want each situation to go by altering our perception. 
So I’ve got news for you… if you’re unhappy or frustrated about something or someone, it’s because you’re choosing to be that way?
That’s the great news. Who’s had a bad start to their day and then the rest of the day went crap after that? Yes, we all have. Well that’s not because bad things just magically appeared but because you (either consciously or unconsciously) made the choice to write the day off as a “bad day” and then filtered out any of the good that happened and only noticed the bad. Next time something arises that makes you angry, sad, guilty etc, just ask yourself; “What can I learn from this in order to make it a useful occasion? What have I been focusing on that has brought this situation into life? Am I focusing on what I want?