The more good you perceive, the more good you project out and therefore the more happiness you will bring into your life.  Perception is Projection.
We are bombarded with information constantly. Approximately 11 millions “bits” of information coming in through our senses (sights, sounds, touch, smell, taste) each second. It is impossible for our brain to process so we internally chunk down and filter this into 126 bits, and further down into 7 (+- 2), so that we can comprehend and make sense of our reality. This is the cool bit, every single person filters and makes different representations of each moment, based on their neurology; their environment, their history and background. That is why when you hear a story about an event from 2 people that went together, you’ll get very different recalls of that event.
So what does this all mean? It means that there is no one reality but the one we create for ourselves and how we filter information. And we CAN change these filters to help us choose what we want to be thinking, feeling and doing each moment.
We can literally recreate the world we want to live in! There are other people that have achieved the goals you want, so what’s stopping you? Chances are a whole bunch of reasons and excuses. But we know that those are only decisions and beliefs that we are choosing to let limit us.
It all starts by taking responsibility for everything that’s in your life. Do you have the results you want? Or do you have reasons why you can’t? Are those reasons serving you? Obviously not because you’d have results otherwise.
BLUNT WARNING: If you want control, you need to quit playing the victim and take responsibility for your life. It is not the economy, it’s not your family, it’s not your boss or peers, it’s not anybody’s responsibility to make the most out of your life but YOU. If you’re not happy about something then YOU are the one that can change it. Always ask yourself: “what can I do to change the way I see this so that I can be happy with it, what can I learn or what can I do?” And be open to the ideas that there is ALWAYS a ton of options! You just need to keep focusing on what you want. There is literally a part of our brain (Reticular Activating System) that’s responsibility is to notice what will help you get to your goal, if you’ve identified it as part of your future! So focus on it, dwell on what you want everyday!
You are in control. You can change anything you want. You just need to know that you are responsible. No excuses, no reasons. That will ensure results.