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Taking Control of Your Health

“It’s as if our immune system is constantly eavesdropping on our internal dialogue” - Deepak Chopra   Do you actually realise how powerful you are? You know I don’t know if many people do. If they did, we would a lot more people living exactly how they wanted. A lot...

Why Just Thinking Positive May Not Be Working

We’re told to “always be positive” and “think positive” and have a “positive outlook on life”. You’ve heard this right? Well this is true, no doubt but if we only think positive we’re making a mistake. Shock horror and contradictory to what is going around at the...

How To Be In Control Of Your Life

In a hypothetical world, if you were in control of everything that happened to you, would you take responsibility for your outcomes? In my world,  this is exactly how I live. Taking control and total responsibility for everything that happens. Including the car...

How To Be In Control Of Your Life – Pt2

The more good you perceive, the more good you project out and therefore the more happiness you will bring into your life.  Perception is Projection. We are bombarded with information constantly. Approximately 11 millions “bits” of information coming in through our...

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