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I truly believe meeting people by chance serves a purpose and that is 'to further one's development' and that meet was with the gorgeous Mia. Mia allowed me to stop and remind me of my goals & dreams, with her mind setting tactics and one on one programme Mia has allowed me to keep focused on my goals with taking steps towards in making it happen. Mia has created a lasting impact for me to not sweat the small things & provided the tools I need. Mia is not afraid of checking in to see how your going so I always know she's there for ongoing support. I adore the passion and commitment she has to one's personal development. Thank you Mia xx

– Loretta Paulo

It was an absolutely amazing experience to meet Mia and work with her during the last couple of months.

– Pooja Sethi

I have recently had an opportunity to work with Mia, which I jumped at! So thankful I did, I was blown away by Mia’s ability to bring the best out of me, I felt completely comfortable & supported by Mia even though we were covering uncharted territory! Thank you Mia, you have been a pivotal point in a life changing journey! Forever grateful

– Felicity Parker

I found Mia to be insightful, caring and passionate about helping others be the best they can be. If you were wanting a coach who can understand you as well as get you results, call Mia! I look forward to working together again soon.

– Justin O’Hehir

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Mind and Body Coaching is an integrative approach combining Mental and Physical Health.

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4 Certifications in 7 days! If you want to perform better at work, have the confidence to start your own business, want to have a career that is fulfilling and helping others, if you want to make your dreams become reality. NLP is for you.

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Mind and Body Coaching will give you the tools to transform your life.
Say Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Frustration, and Hello to Energy, Freedom and Possibility.

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Anyone can achieve the mind and body that they want.
We guarantee that.

We take an integrative and holistic approach. Using proven and potent Psychological and Physiological principles that have helped thousands of people achieve personal and professional success.

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